About PTAM

Pray-Think-Act Ministries was founded in 1981 through the coordinated efforts of Richard A. Burr (General Director), Ralph C. Osborn, Frederick E. Roach and Dr. J. Edwin Orr. Soon thereafter, Pastor John R. Carlson, Dr. Richard D. Mayer, Pastor Victor A. Zacharias and Kenneth A. Nelson were added to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors and Officers are: Richard A. Burr, B.S.B.A.; Stephen M. Westbrook, J.D.; James R. McFarland, B.S.E.; Dale Perrigan, M.D.; Pastor Bruce R. Fiol, D. Min. and David C. Kennaday, C.P.A.

PTAM has conducted over 1500 conferences in Evangelical churches throughout the United States, Canada and Greece. The ministry teaching is divided into five different phases consisting of approximately seven hours of instruction per phase. Most churches schedule their conference (one phase per year) over four consecutive evenings (Sunday a.m. through Wednesday p.m.). Structured notes are provided for each conferee. PTAM is a non-denominational faith ministry, relying upon love offerings as its means of support without charging fees or expenses.

Manuscripts are being formulated for each phase of instruction with two books having been published.

  1. “Developing Your Secret Closet”
    PURPOSE: To examine and implement biblical truths that will lead to intimacy with God and personal revival.

    • Capturing a vision for the ultimate purpose of life.
    • Fundamentals for effectual communion with God.
    • The roles of petition, praise, thanksgiving, confession and repentance.
    • Learning to pray Scripture.
  2. “Intercessory Prayer”PURPOSE: To study and actuate scriptural precepts that will revive the church and awaken the masses.
    • Unleashing God’s life-changing power.
    • How to pray effectively for believers and unbelievers.
    • Effective prayer for those in authority.
    • How to pray biblically for the sick.
  3. “Listening to God”PURPOSE: To learn and carry out biblical principles for discerning God’s will for life and ministry.
    • The role of the Trinity in one’s prayer life.
    • The functions of the Holy Spirit.
    • Discerning God’s voice.
    • Distinguishing between Truth and error.
  4. “Personal Holiness”PURPOSE: A study of the commands of Christ that, if applied, will lead to knowing the character of God and experiencing the fragrance of His holiness. The commands studied relate to:
    • Prayer, the Word, Passion for Christ, the Holy Spirit,
    • Dying to Self, Servanthood with Humility,
    • Forgiveness, Worry, Generosity,
    • Holiness of Lifestyle and Making Disciples.
  5. “Becoming An Overcomer”PURPOSE: Learning to live triumphantly in a depraved and unjust world.
    • Acquiring a biblical perspective for Christian living.
    • The sources of suffering.
    • The principles for triumphant living.
    • Hindrances to becoming an overcomer.