Anastasia Burr
Anastasia's Poems

The following poems were written by Anastasia Ioannidou Burr, the wife of Richard Burr, General Director of PTAM. We trust that they will both challenge and encourage you as you read. Anastasia's Poems are also available in book form. To get your FREE copy, or for more information about Anastasia, please view the book listing.


If the Apostle Paul lived by a motto, it seems it could have been reduced to five words from his epistle to the Philippians: “That I may know Christ” (Phil. 3:10a).

You hold in your hands the reflections of a woman who emulates that great Apostle. Anastasia Burr knows…


I am eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father who chose me to be one of His own and allowed me to be born into in a Greek family that worshiped our Lord Jesus Christ with passion and devotion. I have been blessed with a deep evangelical Christian heritage that traces…

A Song of Redemption

Dear Jesus I love you, to You I belong
For You did first love me and gave me a song;
A song of rejoicing and wonderful peace,
A song of redemption which never will cease.

I worship You, Master, Your cause will I serve
For You…

The Joy of Restoration

How I long to be victorious
Every day and every hour,
To obey His will so glorious
And to serve Him with His power.

I despise the sinful nature
And the old self’s ugly ways.
Though I want to do His bidding,
O’er and…

Comfort in Mourning

Faith’s eyes can see beyond the now
To the bliss of life above;
A heav’nly glimpse that Christ allows
Of His joy and peace and love.

Oh what sweet comfort to the soul
Our eternal hope does bring;
Christ conquered here our ancient foe,

Celebrate Christmas

Take heart, dear Christian, celebrate,
this season is for you.
Not for the merchants, or the great,
the famous or the strong,
But ’tis to you, the lonely ones,
the wounded and the weak,
To sinners, poor and destitute,
God gave a Christmas…

What Love Is This?

What love is this —
That on a cruel Roman tree
That cold and crim’nal day
The Lamb of God,
The Incarnate Son,
Was hanged to die instead of you and me?

What love is this —
That through eternal, boundless grace

Your Love

Your righteousness, Almighty God
Is as a mighty mount;
But oh what peace my soul has found
Beneath Your mercy’s fount!

Your justice is profound, my Lord,
Deep as the greatest sea.
Your love, though, reaches to the skies,
And offers hope to me.

The Altar of Prayer

Is your heart a house of prayer
Where you seek the Father’s throne?
Does the Father fuel your fire,
Or do you say: ‘I’m on my own?’

Do you meet Him at the altar?
Does His Word your soul refine?
Is your life to Him…