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A Song of Redemption

Anastasia's Poems

Dear Jesus I love you, to You I belong
For You did first love me and gave me a song;
A song of rejoicing and wonderful peace,
A song of redemption which never will cease.

I worship You, Master, Your cause will I serve
For You gave me pardon I did not deserve.
I sing of Your mercy, Your death in my place;
I praise Your compassion and glorious grace.

Dear Savior, I thank You for dying for me
And praise You for rising, this sinner to free.
Your power is matchless, Your grace is so vast;
My song of Your goodness forever will last.

O Lamb of the Father, my song is so weak.
My words are so feeble Your greatness to speak.
The flesh and the devil would ste,al my soul’s joy
And always are seeking my song to destroy.

But daily, 0 Shepherd, I take up my cross
And praying, I ask You, consume my soul’s dross.
Then deep grows my longing to see Your dear face,
To sing with perfection my song of Your grace.

Almighty Creator, most glorious King,
I’ll join heaven’s throng there forever to sing.
You only are worthy, 0 Lamb on the Throne,
For there’s no Redeemer but Christ, You alone!

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