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Celebrate Christmas

Anastasia's Poems

Take heart, dear Christian, celebrate,
this season is for you.
Not for the merchants, or the great,
the famous or the strong,
But ’tis to you, the lonely ones,
the wounded and the weak,
To sinners, poor and destitute,
God gave a Christmas song.

Rejoice, you nations, celebrate,
this message is for you.
It filled the skies with jubilance
and promised God’s good will.
For He, the Babe of Bethlehem,
brought peace from heaven above,
And saints from every tribe and tongue
proclaim His glory still.

Fear not, 0 sinner, celebrate,
this Savior came for you.
For all your deeds to pay your debt
had proved to no avail.
The newborn King would bleed and die
to free you from your sin.
He left the cradle for the cross,
His death to tear the veil.

Draw near, my friend, come celebrate
beside His manger bed,
Where humble shepherds bowed
before the Christ child in the hay.
You, too, may kneel before Him
and embrace the Prince of Peace,
And find forgiveness through the cross
this blessed Christmas Day.

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