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Anastasia's Poems

If the Apostle Paul lived by a motto, it seems it could have been reduced to five words from his epistle to the Philippians: “That I may know Christ” (Phil. 3:10a).

You hold in your hands the reflections of a woman who emulates that great Apostle. Anastasia Burr knows something of experiencing spiritual victory and joy in the midst of pain, disappointment, sickness and struggle because she has learned to trust her Master who not only has walked that way Himself but also has promised to travel the journey with her.

Because she knows her Lord so intimately, she lives in the assurance of her own glorious resurrection. Interestingly, Anastasia’s name means “resurrection” in her native tongue, Greek. She knows and believes that the One who said … “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies” … is absolute Truth.

This collection of poetry has been distilled through years of walking with Jesus Christ. Every one of Anastasia’s poems is punctuated with hope because it is born out of a heart that enjoys a deep and satisfying relationship with her loving Lord and Savior-she truly knows Him!

As you read her insights on prayer and service to King Jesus, may you see how knowing Christ touches the very core of a believer’s life and be encouraged to walk with her in His footsteps.

Dr. Bruce R. Fiol
Pastor /Teacher /Missionary (PCA)
Charlotte, NC

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