Anastasia Burr
Anastasia's Poems

Solitude of Prayer

To the solitude of prayer
God invites His child alone;
He delights when you, by trusting,
And through faith, approach His throne.

In the solitude of prayer
That communion of His love;
God reveals His glorious secrets
Planned for you in heaven above.


Your Labour Is Not in Vain

God desires that you be faithful
As you run His worthy race;
Be obedient and be steadfast
‘Til at last you see His face.

Now, remember striving children
That the work is not your own;
He ordains the tasks before you
And you do…

Serve My Kingdom

Why such worries for the morrow
And My Word you do not heed?
Watch the birds that fly around you,
It is I who give them seed.

See the hills so filled with flowers
None of which can plow nor sow;
See their tapestry and…

Be Thou Faithful

Child of God whom Jesus keepeth
In the hollow of His hand;
Keep your eyes upon the Saviour,
Trust His promises and stand.

He who promises is faithful,
He’s the bright and morning star;
He’s the Alpha and Omega,
Always caring, never far.


Prepare for His Coming

Is your life in preparation
For the coming of your King?
Are you filled with expectation?
Do you serve and do you sing?

Is your faith like burning fire?
Is there passion in your soul?
He has saved you from sin’s mire,
Then He…

The Morning Is Coming

The morning is coming
The sunshine is near;
I’ll look at His brightness,
My Saviour so dear.

All darkness will vanish
His light shall be here;
I’ll gaze at His beauty
With vision so clear.

Friend, look for His coming
And be of…

When He Comes

O Christ, our Redeemer, come quickly to reign
Your kingdom is justice and peace.
When You, the Almighty, establish Your throne,
The Pow’r of all evil shall cease.

O Savior eternal, the sinner’s great hope,
Come quickly Your children to save:
The faithful and suffering,…