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The Altar of Prayer

Anastasia's Poems

Is your heart a house of prayer
Where you seek the Father’s throne?
Does the Father fuel your fire,
Or do you say: ‘I’m on my own?’

Do you meet Him at the altar?
Does His Word your soul refine?
Is your life to Him an off’ ring
Or do you think ‘my life is mine?’

Do you worship at His footstool?
Does your soul in Him delight?
Are you fighting in His battle,
Or do you still defend your rights?

Do you serve Him with submission?
Does your life for Him bear fruit?
Do you put the King in first place,
Or do you seek your own pursuits?

If your passion has long faded
And within all’s dark and cold,
Yet you long to know His power,
Yield all you are to His control.

Let the Spirit bring His fuel
To the altar of your heart;
He will purify and cleanse you,
And His new life to you impart.

You shall find delight and rapture
Through the sacrifice of praise;
You will serve with strength and gladness
When’ er in prayer on Him you gaze.

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