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The Joy of Restoration

Anastasia's Poems

How I long to be victorious
Every day and every hour,
To obey His will so glorious
And to serve Him with His power.

I despise the sinful nature
And the old self’s ugly ways.
Though I want to do His bidding,
O’er and o’er I drift astray.

But I thank the faithful Father
For His Spirit’s work within,
For He calls me to repentance
And delivers me from sin.

Oh the joy of sins forgiven
And the peace that floods my soul,
His compassion, grace and favor
Lift me up and make me whole.

Sing, my soul, His endless mercy;
Oh what rapture, what delight,
When delivered from sin’s darkness
And restored to His bright light!

How I long to conquer always
And to glorify His name,
To reflect the Savior’s likeness
And to spread abroad His fame!

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