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Your Love

Anastasia's Poems

Your righteousness, Almighty God
Is as a mighty mount;
But oh what peace my soul has found
Beneath Your mercy’s fount!

Your justice is profound, my Lord,
Deep as the greatest sea.
Your love, though, reaches to the skies,
And offers hope to me.

Your verdict, great Jehovah God,
This sinner ‘dead’ pronounced;
But on that resurrection morn
My Savior ‘life’ announced!

The heavens shouted, ‘Innocent!’
And shall forever be.
The Lamb of God was sacrificed,
His blood has set me free!

Your sovereign heart is satisfied,
Your Son has won my case,
And sent Your Spirit to my heart
To help me live by grace.

What love is this, my gracious God,
That reaches to the skies?
What sacrifice, 0 perfect Lamb,
And life that never dies.

What triumph, 0 victorious Christ,
0′ er hell and sin and death!
And who can understand Your grace,
Its height, its breadth, and depth?

I yield myself, Almighty God,
To seek Your will alone,
To serve Your glorious majesty
And make my heart Your throne.

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